Four area health departments report on new cases of COVID-19

Coronavirus Update

The Sullivan County Health Department on March 17th confirmed one additional COVID-19 case, bringing the total to 1,702. There was one active case.

The Grundy County Health Department reports active COVID-19 cases continue to decline. The number of active cases has dropped by four from March 15th to seven.

There have been five new cases in the last seven days, and one new case since March 15th. There are 2,719 cases total.

There have been 68 COVID-19-related deaths reported for Grundy County.

The Livingston County Health Center on March 17th reported eight COVID-19 cases had been added since March 9th. There were 3,390 total confirmed cases. The number of active cases decreased by two to nine.

The Harrison County Health Department reports no active COVID-19 cases. There have been 2,001 cases total. There have been 1,556 confirmed cases and 445 probable cases.

One case was added in the last seven days, and two cases were added in the last 14 days. There have been 33 COVID-19-related deaths reported for Harrison County.

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