FosterAdopt Connect opens for business in Chillicothe

Foster Adopt Connect

The Northwest Missouri office of the non-profit organization FosterAdopt Connect moved to Chillicothe recently.

Program Director Garni Churan explains FosterAdopt Connect connects foster children with families and families with services. She says the organization focuses on finding the best ways to support and foster love and secure home relationships with safety for families and children.

The Northwest Missouri office moved to Chillicothe because the office did a good job with networking and advocacy in the Cameron area and outgrew its space. The non-profit serves all of Northwest Missouri as well as other families from outside the area who are fostering children, adoptive parents, or those interested in becoming foster parents. The office helps families with the process of becoming foster parents.

The main goal of the Chillicothe office is to raise awareness of foster families. Other goals include adding to the available programs to fill gaps and improve support of foster families in order to make the process of becoming foster parents easier.

FosterAdopt Connect is headquartered in Independence, and there are other offices in Springfield and Poplar Bluff.  More information can be found on the FosterAdopt Connect Northwest Missouri Facebook page.

Interested individuals may also visit the office at 409 Washington Street in Chillicothe, call 660-225-0059, or email Garni Churan at [email protected].