Former Trenton police officer appears in court, as does Trenton man facing weapons charges

Michael Wilson Social Media Photo

A former Trenton policeman, facing a charge of statutory rape in the 2nd degree, appeared Tuesday in the Associate Division of the Grundy County Circuit Court.

Michael Wilson executed a written waiver of a preliminary hearing and the case was bound over to the February 11th docket for Division one of Grundy County Circuit Court.

Trenton resident Tommy Joe Brittain has waived a preliminary hearing on a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance; synthetic cannabinoid. His case also was bound over to Division One of Circuit Court for February 11th.

A bond appearance hearing was held Tuesday for Ted Allan Jones of Trenton who faces four counts of unlawful use of a loaded weapon while intoxicated on January 20th. Bond initially was $15,000 cash. During the court proceedings, both the prosecuting attorney and defense attorney agreed to a change in bond. The court will allow Jones to be released on his own recognizance bond in the amount of $5,000.

Conditions specified by the court include NO weapons or firearms in his residence. The case was continued until March 9th in the Associate Division of Circuit Court.