Former Breckenridge man to present program on “The American West” in Chillicothe

Historian, author, and musician Mark Gardner will present a program in Chillicothe on Tuesday night, April 19th, during a quarterly board meeting of the Grand River Historical Society Museum.  There will be a catered dinner at the Chillicothe Elks Lodge, followed by Gardner’s program at approximately 7:15.  It is open to the public at a charge of $10.00, which includes both the dinner and program.

Reservations can be made by contacting the Grand River Historical Society Museum or Ron Wilder (both in Chillicothe).  

Promoters say Gardner, a former resident of Breckenridge, is an “authority on the American West, who has appeared on the History Channel, ABC World News Tonight, the PBS program ‘American Experience’, and the Travel Channel”.  

True West Magazine recently named Gardner the best author in its “Best of the West” issue in 2014.  His next book, due out in May, will focus on Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders.


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