Former American Legion building in downtown area to be demolished

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

The owner of an aging downtown Trenton building plans to have it torn down rather than making repairs.

Scott Weldon spoke Monday evening to the Trenton Building and Nuisance Board regarding the former American Legion building at 103 East 10th Street. The building board, at their meeting last month, placed it on the nuisance list citing bricks that had fallen from a chimney on the rear side of the structure. Weldon said he purchased the building for a dollar several years ago with the belief he would qualify for grant money while the American Legion would not be eligible; However, Weldon said the grant never came through. He has been paying the taxes. Once the building is inspected for asbestos, Weldon said a demolition permit would be obtained, and a contractor will be hired to tear down the vacant structure. He estimated the cost at $27,000. The city council has budgeted $50,000 for building demolitions this fiscal year, with those projects already lined up.

The former American Legion building remains on the nuisance list, with Weldon was given six months to have it down.

The board authorized a 60-day extension for a contractor to repair a wall at 604 Linn Street. An extension of 30 days was granted to 1000 Rural Street for work there to be finished. And it was noted the former freight house near the railroad tracks has been cleaned up, so the board agreed to abate it from the list.

Police Chief Rex Ross presented a year-to-date report showing 62 nuisance calls. This includes 34 for tall grass and weeds, 21 for trash and debris, six unregistered vehicles, and one open storage. He noted 42 of the situations had been cleared.