Formal charges filed, suspects identified in high-speed police pursuit on Sunday

High Speed Chase Charges Filed News Graphic

Criminal charges were filed in Clinton County following a high-speed law enforcement pursuit on Sunday that began in Livingston County and ended in Plattsburg in Clinton County.

Facing four counts each are 24-year-old Rai’mon Watson of Kansas City and 20-year-old Tyson Scott of Grandview. No bond was set and both are charged with possession of a controlled substance or synthetic cannabinoid, resisting arrest, detention or stop by fleeing in a motor vehicle and creating a substantial risk to other motorists, unlawful use of a weapon by possessing a weapon while having an illegal drug substance, as well as misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Clinton County shows Sheriff Larry Fish was able to PIT the suspects’ vehicle to end the chase. PIT is described as a maneuver by which the front end of the pursuing car is used to hit the rear end of a fleeing car to force it to abruptly turn sideways – causing the driver to lose control and stop.

Authorities in both Livingston and Clinton counties on Sunday reported the law enforcement pursuit occurred on Highway 36, Interstate 35, and Highway 116 as speeds that often topped 100 miles an hour and up to as high as 150 mph on Interstate 35. Other vehicles were described as being forced off the road to avoid potential collisions.