For those selling eggs, licensing is now available online

Photo of eggs laying in straw (Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash)

Egg quality is highly important to most consumers. That’s why the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s Weights, Measures and Consumer Protection Division licenses egg producers, dealers, and retailers and also inspects eggs sold in Missouri for quality. Anyone who sells eggs or buys eggs for resale must be licensed and renew that license annually. The license cycle runs from July 1 to June 30. 

  • Retailer’s License: A retailer is any person who sells eggs to a consumer. 
  • Limited Retailer’s License: A limited retailer license is appropriate for individuals selling their eggs at farmers’ markets. 
  • Dealer’s License: A dealer is any person who buys eggs from producers or other dealers to sell eggs to another dealer, processor, or retailer. Fees are determined by the number of cases of eggs sold in any one week. 
  • Processor’s License: A processor is any person engaged in breaking eggs or processing egg liquids, whole egg meats, yolks, whites, or any mixture of yolks and whites with or without adding other ingredients. Fees are based on cases of eggs (or the equivalent of liquid or frozen eggs) processed in any one day.

To apply for an egg license or to receive more information regarding licenses, use this link to visit the website at Egg Licensing & Inspection.

(Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash)