Five from THS win medals in Job Olympics

Job Olympics

Five students from Trenton High School won medals when they competed in the Job Olympics held Friday in Chillicothe.

Job Olympics in a skills-based competition centered on vocational simulations. Students competed in events that showcase their individual employability skills.

THS students developed their skills through working in the Black and Gold Coffee Shop and the new Life Skills Classroom which helps them to meet individual vocational needs.

Winning awards were: Izek Cockriel-Barnes with a bronze for custodial skills; Zac Allen won bronze for grocery bagging; Jeremy Lander won bronze for paperĀ shredding and gold for custodial skills; Katie Miller won bronze awards for stocking shelves and paper shredding, and Bri Armstrong winning silver for laundry folding and bronze for interviewing skills.

Mrs. Thorne and Mrs. Austin are the instructors for the coffee shop and life skills classroom. Volunteers from Trenton who assisted in judging competitions were Judie Lenininger, Ched Hurley, and Richard Miller.