Five area health departments report on new COVID-19 cases; COVID-19 related death reported in Harrison County

COVID-19 or Coronavirus Update

A COVID-19-related death has been added for Harrison County. The county’s COVID-19 dashboard indicates that, as of January 12th, there were 29 deaths total.  There had also been an increase of 13 cases since January 11th, raising that total to 1,777. Forty-four cases were active for Harrison County. There had been 1,363 confirmed cases and 414 probable cases.

The Livingston County Health Center on January 13th reported 32 COVID-19 cases had been added since January 12th, bringing the total to 2,779.  here were 146 active cases. The office noted January 12th’s active case count omitted 15 cases.

The Grundy County Health Department reports 43 new COVID-19 cases since January 7th. There are 2,103 total cases, and 48 are active. There have been 52 new cases in the past seven days.  Sixty-one COVID-19-related deaths have been reported. Those include four added in December and two added in January. The positivity rate for the last 14 days is 14.95%.

There have been 221 breakthrough cases, which is six percent of the vaccinated population of Grundy County. Thirty-seven point six percent of the population has completed COVID-19 vaccination.  Grundy County ranks 61 out of 114 for the total vaccinated population in the state. It is behind the 44% vaccinated population of Livingston County and 41% of Linn County. It is ahead of the 36% of Daviess and Mercer counties and 33% of Harrison County.

Eight COVID-19 cases have been added for Mercer County since January 11th, raising the total to 635. The health department reports 297 cases have been confirmed, and 338 are probable. There are 19 active cases.

The Sullivan County Health Department January 13th confirmed six additional COVID-19 cases, making the total 1,439. There were 44 active cases.

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