First Baptist Church in Cameron to present “Shelter from the Storm”

First Baptist Church Cameron V2

The First Baptist Church in Cameron presents a walk-through drama, “Shelter from the Storm,” on four dates in October.

The Judgement House drama involves a family deciding to take a deep-woods camping adventure to escape stress at home. Promoters say the family members don’t know their disagreements will pale compared to the thunderstorm they’re about to face, which hurdles them into eternity. Those attending the presentation see the family members struggle physically, emotionally, and spiritually as they attempt to weather the raging storms of life and death.

The walk-through drama takes one hour and fifteen minutes, with tour groups beginning every twenty minutes.

“Shelter from the Storm will be presented at the First Baptist Church in Cameron on October 21st from 4 until 9 o’clock, the night of October 24th from 6 until 9 and October 27th and 28th from 4 until 9 o’clock. A $2.00 donation is suggested.

Reservations are encouraged by telephoning the First Baptist Church at 202 East Ford Street. The phone number is (816) 632-7251, or you may visit the church website by clicking HERE.