Firefighters respond to Hibner Saw Mill

Firetruck news graphic
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The Chillicothe Fire Department responded to a fire at the Hibner Saw Mill on Route CC Monday afternoon.

Captain Les Hinnen reports firefighters found light smoke coming from the north side of the building upon arrival. Further investigation led to the discovery of smoldering sawdust along the inside of the north wall. Dry chemical extinguishers were used to knock down flames prior to the fire department’s arrival. Willie Hibner, the owner, said he thought the fire was out, but Hibner wanted it to be wet down.

Firefighters used about 150 gallons of water with Class A foam to finish extinguishing the fire. The fire was reportedly caused by an electrical line shorting out against the metal building and firefighters did notice a line near the roof of the building that was burned into. No electrical lines were in the immediate area of the fire.

The electric company was on the scene to take care of the line and firefighters were on the scene for about 20 minutes.

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