Fifteen attend National Convention from Chillicothe FFA Chapter

Chillicothe FFA Chapter Courtesy Corp 2017

The 90th National FFA Convention, held October 25-28 in Indianapolis, Indiana, was attended by 15 of the local Chillicothe FFA members.

Participants from the Chillicothe chapter included Sydney Baxter, Caitlyn Cothern, Lainie Cowan, Garrett Cramer, Elitza Crouch, Sara Hopper, Hunter Horton, Courtney Jessen, Drake Lightner, Jessica Moore, Krystalyn Peel, Montana Plattner, Kimberlee Roney, Catey Trout, and Clayton Walker.

These members went through an intensive selection process, including a written application and an interview, and a member vote along with a participation point transcript. While at Convention, these members were given the opportunity to be a part of the National FFA Convention Courtesy Corps and had the opportunity to present our American flag in the Indianapolis Farmer’s Life Coliseum. Chillicothe members were one group, of only three, given the opportunity to present the flag.

The National FFA Courtesy Corps gives members the opportunity to express their patriotic values while at National Convention. Advisors Neal Wolf and Randy Plattner attended and supervised this year’s convention’s participants, and worked with officials in charge of the National Convention Courtesy Corps to give chapter members this opportunity.

Member Sydney Baxter said, “What a great honor to be able to represent both our chapter and country while in front of thousands of FFA members.”

Advisor Randy Plattner said, “It is a great opportunity to be able to put our students in the spotlight of National Convention and to display their patriotism that our chapter works to instill in its members.”