“Fields of Faith” event to kickoff at 7 this evening in Trenton

Fields of Faith
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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes will sponsor an event tonight in Trenton called “Fields of Faith” which is scheduled to start at 7 o’clock at C.F. Russell stadium.

Fields of Faith is structured as a student-to-student ministry in which peers invite their own classmates and teammates to meet on their school’s athletic field to hear fellow students share their testimonies, challenge them to read the Bible and to come to faith in Jesus Christ. While Fields of Faith has its roots with FCA leadership, the event is designed to include multiple national Christian organizations, local churches, and ministries.

Last year, 200 students and supporters attended the event, with this being the sixth Fields of Faith event for Trenton.

Local FCA sponsors in Brandon Boswell and Lysander Overstreet at Trenton high school; Jon Guthrie and Kameron Cool at the middle school.

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