Farmer hopeful new technology will help make up for planting delays

John Deere Tractor (Photo by Julia Koblitz on Unsplash)

(Brownfield Network) – A northwest central Ohio farmer says she’s excited to test out new technology as the planting season picks up speed.

Patty Mann tells Brownfield “last year we started a row starter on our corn planter and this year we added high-speed planting units so hopefully we’ll be able to make it really count when we get the opportunity.”

She’s hopeful they’ll be able to play catch-up after weather-related delays.”

“We’ve had some other extremes and it seems like our planting window continues to shrink,” she says. “So, hopefully when conditions are right we’ll be able to get out there and get a little more in a little faster.”

Mann grows corn and soybeans in Shelby County.

(Photo by Julia Koblitz on Unsplash)