Families and Friends to sponsor cooking class

Cooking Class

Families and Friends of the Developmentally Disabled will sponsor cooking classes again this year.

The classes will be available for persons with developmental disabilities who also are Grundy County residents. Only 20 spots are open for the cooking classes. These classes are offered at no charge through the cooperation of participating churches, volunteers, as well as Families and Friends organization.

Participants are to fill out a release and indemnification participant form for the classes and to ride the Family and Friends bus to and from the location.

The organization also is looking for local churches to use their kitchens for the cooking classes. The purpose is described as “educationally assisting” individuals with developmental disabilities to learn simple, affordable, and healthy ways to cook.

Participants are allowed to take home, they items they make.

This is the fifth year for the cooking classes to be held, usually one per month.

The families and friends office, at the Grundy County Courthouse, may be called by persons interested in taking the classes, in volunteering to help, and by churches willing to offer their kitchen.

The phone number is 359-3285 or you may send email to ffdd@grundycountymo.com

Sam Day is the executive director for Families and Friends of developmentally disabled.