Evergy to waive late fees and disconnects

Evergy Website

Evergy announced in March it would not disconnect electric service for non-payment and would waive late fees for residential and small business customers in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Evergy announced a flexible payment plan to allow customers to enter a 12-month payment plan toward their past-due balance. That plan included customers who had been disconnected.

The suspension of disconnects has been extended through July 15th. Evergy will waive late fees and offer the payment arrangement through December 31st.

The company encourages customers to track and pay toward their energy usage during this time to avoid balances that are difficult to pay later.

Federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance funds are available. Application windows are scheduled to close May 29th. Evergy notes it does not administer those programs, but information about them is available at evergy.com/COVID19. The Kansas Department of Families and Children and Missouri Department of Social Services manage each state’s program.

The Missouri Department of Social Services will also accept applications for summer energy crisis funds June 1st through September 30th. Residential customers may be eligible for up to $300 toward past-due electric bills.

Customers can call 211 for agencies that may be able to provide financial assistance.

Evergy call centers are also available weekdays from 7 to 7 o’clock. Call 800-383-1183 for Evergy Kansas Central and 888-471-5275 for Evergy Metro and Missouri West service areas.