EPA Inspection Reveals Hazardous Waste Violations at A.T. Still Univ. of Health Science Kirksville

An EPA Region 7 compliance evaluation inspection of A.T. Still University of Health Science in Kirksville, Mo., revealed violations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) related to the storage and handling of hazardous waste. As part of the settlement, the university is required to pay a civil penalty of $11,233 to the U.S. Treasury.

The objectives of the RCRA program include protection of human health and the environment from the potential hazards of waste management and disposal; conservation of energy and natural resources; reduction of the amount of waste generated; and ensuring wastes are managed in an environmentally-sound manner.
EPA representatives inspected the university’s facilities in June 2014 and determined the university failed to perform waste determinations on multiple waste streams on the main campus. Facilities that generate hazardous waste may operate without a RCRA permit if they meet specific generator requirements.  However, at the Couts Learning Center, the university failed to meet these generator requirements by not properly storing or labeling hazardous waste. Also, the university had not coordinated with local authorities on the materials stored there. This coordination is critical to ensuring the safety of first responders in case of an emergency at the center.
In addition to the civil penalty, the university is required to provide to EPA on a quarterly basis written statements and photographic documentation demonstrating that it is correctly managing its hazardous waste containers. And, in order to increase transparency and ensure information is more accessible to the public, the university will post its memorandums of agreement with the local authorities on its website for one year.
By agreeing to the settlement, A.T. Still University has certified that it is now in compliance with all requirements of RCRA and its implementing regulations.
Randall Mann


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