Emergency services called to 18-wheeler leaking diesel near Utica

Chillicothe firefighters were sent to a location west of Utica Thursday afternoon where a ruptured fuel tank on a tractor trailer unit, owned by Ebel Transfer, was leaking diesel fuel.

Fire Chief Darrell Wright said firefighters received a call of a truck leaking diesel fuel along the side of the road about two miles west of Utica.

The truck was pulled over by the Missouri Highway Patrol after the truck hit something on the road a few miles back. The driver’s side fuel tank was ruptured on the 2016 model truck.

Fire Chief Wright quoted the truck driver as saying he thought about 75 gallons of fuel were lost. Wright estimated 20 to 30 gallons were lost at the site were the truck was stopped, with 100 pounds of floor dry used to cover the fuel along the side of the road.

No fuel was seen in the ditch at that location.

The Mooresville Fire Department, the Livingston County sheriff’s department, and the Missouri Department of Transportation also were on the scene. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources was notified concerning the spill.

The driver, Dave Meier, listed an address as West Point, Nebraska.

Chillicothe firefighters were on the scene approximately 25 minutes.