Election results in northern Missouri for the Tuesday, April 6, 2021 election

Election Results

There will be two new members each for the Trenton R-9 Board of Education and the Trenton City Council following the election on Tuesday. Voter approval was given to the local use tax for the city of Trenton and brush control for Grundy County.  It was a 17% voter turnout (992 votes out of 5,859 registered voters in Grundy County)

Two business people emerged from a field of seven to win terms on the Trenton Board of Education. Melissa King led all evening in collecting 408 votes. Taking the second available seat was Bill Miller, who received 218 votes. Coming in third was Michael Voorhies with 209. Others were Emily Lasley at 192, Jeffrey Spencer 142, Joshua Shuler 130, and Shaun McCullough with 125 votes. (Grundy & Livingston)

For the Trenton City Council, Lance Otto defeated incumbent Glen Briggs in the First Ward by a count of 74 to 70. Otto will begin his first term on the council as will Robert Romesburg in the Third Ward.

Re-elected to the council were Danny Brewer and John Dolan in the Second and Fourth wards respectively. The city of Trenton local use tax passed overall 279 to 259. (52% majority) The use tax question was favored in First and Second wards plus absentees but lost in Third and Fourth Wards.

Among other issues, Galt approved selling the electric utility by a vote of 29 to 1. Laredo approved on an 11 to 4 count, the ability to forgo an annual election when the number of filed candidates equals the positions available.

Enforcement of brush control in Grundy County was favored by a big margin: 755 to 215 (or 78% support). That issue carried in every precinct.  Winning a race for Trenton Township Trustee was Jared Lamma who defeated Jack Derry 339 to 218. Each of five Grundy County townships approved ballot issues, they are Harrison, Liberty, Lincoln, Taylor, and Marion.

Voters of Mercer County approved the law enforcement sales tax of one-half percent with a margin of 57.5 to 41 percent. The actual count was 164 to 117. Winning a race for two seats on the North Mercer R-3 Board of Education were Ervin Taff and Ben Stark. It was a 12% voter turnout in Mercer County on Tuesday.

Winning a race for 1st Ward councilman in Chillicothe was Reed Dupywho defeated Michael Smith (189 to 129). Eight other city officials and council members ran unopposed.

Voters in five towns approved forgoing an election when the exact number of candidates filed for positions that are open including Chula, Wheeling, Ludlow, Mooresville, and Utica.

The tax levy to operate the Chillicothe Fire Protection District was approved 225 to 211 (51.6% to 48.4%). It was a 12.5% voter turnout for Livingston County.

The Sullivan County Clerk’s office reports NO votes were cast at Humphreys despite the names of three board candidates on the ballot and two local propositions.

Winning a race for the Milan Board of Education, from four candidates, were David Richardson and Nicholas Gardner.

Selected in a race for the Green City Board of Education were Kellen Hatcher and James Thomas. Chosen for the Linn County R-1 Board of Education, from Sullivan and Linn counties, were Jack Green and Rodney Seals.

Selected in a race for the Brookfield Board of Education were December Noel Staddie and Amanda Tarpening. A Brookfield City Council race went to Richard Techau.

Patrons of the Putnam County R-1 School District gave more than 61 percent support to approve the debt service levy issue on building and field improvements by a vote of 446 in favor to 277 opposed.

The Putnam County Water Supply District passed the waterworks revenue bonds 420 to 106 (80% support) Sandy Williams wins a seat on the Putnam County Hospital District Board.

Emerging from a field of five candidates to win seats on the South Harrison R-2 Board of Education were Richard Smith and Kalsey McCall.

Two seats on the North Harrison R-3 Board of Education were taken by Jeremy Rinehart and Kara Craig.

For the Ridgeway School District, just 38 percent voted yes on the proposition to have a debt service levy to raise funds for building improvements. (86 to 142).  Winning the race for East Ward Alderman in Bethany was Dan Robertson.

Selected from four candidates to the Pattonsburg R-2 Board of Education, including results from Daviess and DeKalb counties, were Lyle Briggs Hoover and Brian Teel – the latter receiving one more vote than Amy McCrary.

Within Gallatin, Steven Evans wins the contest for West Ward Alderman. Two seats as Jameson trustees go to DeeAnn Fisher and Julie Hefley.

All the road tax levies passed in Daviess County including Jamesport and Lock Springs, plus the 11 townships of Colfax, Grand River, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Lincoln, Marion, Monroe, Salem, Sheridan, and Washington, again all in Daviess County.

Voters in Caldwell County agreed to continue a sales tax with 71% approval. (853 to 355)

Voters in the city of Hamilton approved the motor fuel fee with 73% approval (214 to 79) The ballot issue for the town of Braymer was approved (80 to 25).

Selected to the Hamilton R-2 Board of Education, which includes voting in Caldwell and Daviess counties, were Jessica Green (294) and John Hubert Ohlberg (213).

Results from Caldwell and Ray counties show the Braymer school board race was won by Cassie Kleeman (164) with Emily Daviess and Amanda Dunwoodie tied for the second seat. (114) and the Polo school board seats went to Penny Copeland (169) and Daniel Kelley. (103)

Positions on Caldwell County Health Department Board were won by Lana Crawford (445) and Heather Miller (431).

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