Early morning fire reported at Canadian Pacific Railroad bridge over the Grand River

Canadian Pacific Railroad bridge fire (Photo Credit: Matthew Stirling)

The Chillicothe Fire Department this morning responded to a brush and debris fire in the vicinity of the Canadian Pacific Railroad bridge over the Grand River.  The fire was called into authorities by Matthew Stirling, who was driving on Highway 65.

Upon arrival at 6 o’clock Monday morning, Chief Darrell Wright reported there was a large amount of fire in a brush debris pile next to the railroad bridge. Some of the railroad bridge ties also were on fire. Wright noted Matthew Stirling near the scene stated he had called in the fire to the railroad dispatch center.

The effort to put out the fire began with the departments’ brush truck. Then more fire apparatus was requested, including Hazmat One with the mule. A firefighting unit, pumper, and a tanker all responded to the scene. The brush and debris fire was extinguished using a one and a half inch pre-connect and one-inch line with foam.

The tanker hauled three thousand gallons of water to the scene. Overall, Chief Wright noted approximately 4,500 gallons of water was poured onto the fire during the three hour long plus incident.

The Chillicothe chief noted an investigator from the Missouri state fire marshal’s office, Marshall Crouch, was on the scene today to investigate. Also reviewing the fire scene, according to Chief Wright, were Canadian Pacific rail police and several railroad employees. The fire near the railroad bridge south of Chillicothe remains under investigation and Chillicothe firefighters returned to service at 9:20 this morning.

(Photo Credit: Matthew Stirling)