Drought monitor indicates portions of Missouri remain abnormally dry


The Drought Monitor Map for Missouri this week looks similar to last week’s, which still indicates areas of abnormally dry conditions in part of Northern Missouri.

There are more abnormally dry conditions in the southeastern part of the state; however, no moderate drought is shown in the state. The map was released July 8 and is based on conditions as of July 6, 2021.

The abnormally dry part of Northern Missouri still includes northern portions of Harrison, Gentry, and Nodaway counties as well as all of Worth County.

Five-point eight percent of Missouri was experiencing abnormally dry conditions, which is up .62% from last week.

From June 30th through July 6th, 1.12 inches of rain were measured in Trenton. Since July 6, .04 inches were measured, and that was all in the 24-hour period ending July 8 at 7 o’clock in the morning. As of July 6, Trenton was 1.46 inches above normal for year-to-date precipitation. As of July 8, Trenton was 1.23 inches above normal for the year to date. More rain is in the forecast for Friday, July 9, and this weekend.


Missouri Drought Map released July 8, 2021
Missouri Drought Map released July 8, 2021