Drought conditions worsen in North Missouri compared to one week ago


Drought conditions have worsened in North Missouri since last week, according to this week’s U. S. Drought Monitor map. The map was released Thursday morning, May 25, 2023 and is based on conditions as of the morning of May 23rd.

In the Green Hills, moderate drought now covers nearly all of Grundy and Sullivan counties and most of Daviess County. There is also moderate drought in the southeast corner of Harrison County, southeastern Mercer County, southern Putnam County, northwestern Livingston County, and northern Caldwell County. The rest of the Green Hills has abnormally dry conditions. There was no moderate drought in the Green Hills last week.

Part of Northeast Missouri that had a moderate drought last week now has a severe drought. There is now moderate drought in parts of Northeast Missouri that were abnormally dry last week.

Moderate drought has expanded some in the central part of the state, and that is where most of the severe drought is. The only extreme drought in the state remains in Central Missouri. The southern part of Missouri looks to be about the same as last week with the very southern part of the state having no drought or abnormally dry conditions.

Abnormally dry conditions or some degree of drought cover 60.98% of Missouri. That is an increase of .62% from last week.

As of the morning of May 25th, Trenton was 3.49 inches below average for rainfall year to date. No rain was reported for Trenton in the last week.


Missouri Drought Map released Thursday, May 25, 2023
Missouri Drought Map, released Thursday, May 25, 2023 (Click or tap to enlarge to full size.