Driver of pickup that left the scene of an accident reports to Trenton Police Department to “Give his side of the story”

Trenton Missouri Police Department (TPD)

The driver of a pickup involved in a crash on December 1st at Ninth and Harris in Trenton has been identified after leaving the scene of the crash.

Trenton Police Chief Rex Ross reports Anthony William Hughes of Trenton came to the police station to report he was the driver of the pickup previously said to have left the scene, and Hughes wanted to give his side of the story.

Hughes said he traveled north on Harris, stopped at the light at Ninth Street, and proceeded into the intersection when the light turned green. He claimed his pickup was struck in the side by a car driven by Jeffrey Alan Brown of Blue Springs. It was previously reported that Brown’s car traveled south on Harris, stopped at Ninth in the left turn lane, and had a green light.

Ross says Hughes reported the drivers pulled over, and Brown said he could not get a ticket. Hughes admitted he did not have insurance. The two drivers allegedly shook hands and agreed to take care of their own damage.