Drake Kately pleads “Not Guilty” in Mercer County Circuit Court

Drake Kately V2 Mugshot

A Kansas City man who reportedly escaped from the Mercer County Jail twice in August waived formal arraignment and plead not guilty to multiple charges in multiple cases in Division One of Mercer County Circuit Court this week.

Twenty-eight-year-old Drake Andrew Kately has been charged in one case with the felonies of first-degree assault or attempt and unlawful possession of a firearm as well as misdemeanor resisting or interfering with arrest, detention or stop.

In other cases, he has been charged with two felony counts of escape or attempted escape from custody while under arrest for a felony, felony damage to jail or jail property, and an infraction of displayed or possession motor vehicle or trailer plates of another person.

The Mercer County Circuit Clerk and Recorder Tammy Crouse says Kately is next scheduled for court May 13th at 9 am.

Twenty-year-old Kenneth Riley Paul Lewis of Princeton has been accused of giving a ride to Kately to Spickard and Humphreys. He has been charged with felony hindering prosecution of a felony.

Lewis is also scheduled for Division One of Mercer County Circuit Court May 13th at 10 am.