DNR grants permit in 2nd application to Trenton Farms R-E for CAFO operation in Grundy County


Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources has granted a permit to Trenton Farms R-E on its second application to the state for a CAFO proposed for southwest Grundy County.

Trenton Farms R-E submitted its application this summer to the DNR’s water protection program. That application was made while hog farm proponents waited on the outcome of an appeal to the U-S Western District Court. Judges last week affirmed the Missouri Clean Water Commissions’ denial of that first request for a permit.

In the second request, proponents indicate more information has been provided to the state regarding two of the main concerns cited by the Clean Water Commission. This includes wording about the protection for a 100-year flood affecting the area near Hickory. The new document also is said to address the continuing authority for the company to operate the proposed hog farm.

Information includes drawings and an engineering certification from Todd Van Maanen that the proposed designs of the building sites are protected from a 100-year flood. The document also addresses a Clean Water Commission regulation that requires applicants for new operating permits to show that a permitted organization exists which serves as continuing authority for the operation, maintenance, and modernization of the facility.

The operating permit says it’s for a no discharge concentrated animal feeding operation. Processed wastes are collected and managed as fertilizer for spreading onto agricultural fields at rates in accordance with the permit.

A public hearing on the second application was held October 11th in Trenton.

Addressing updates to the application when he participated in the hearing was Sean Simpson, a vice president and general counsel for Pipestone Holdings of Minnesota a management company for the proposed Trenton Farms CAFO.

The permit said the CAFO would accommodate up to 2582 animals.

At that public hearing, several persons spoke in opposition to the proposal which included neighbors and former property owners of the area along Route W southwest of Trenton.

It’s anticipated a local organization, Hickory Neighbors United will continue to oppose the DNR issued permit to Trenton Farms R-E.