Dispute over towing paperwork turns violent in Green City

Weapons Charge News Graphic

A Unionville man has been charged in Sullivan County with a felony after a firearm was allegedly discharged at the Farmbank of Green City on September 22.

Fifty-four-year-old Brian Jarman has been charged with discharging or shooting a firearm at or from a motor vehicle.

The bond for Jarman was set at $20,000, cash only. Special conditions include being subject to random searches and seizures by a law enforcement official or bond supervisor, undergoing random urine analysis with testing at the request of a law enforcement official or bond supervisor, and having the bond supervised by North Missouri Court Services. Additional special conditions stipulate that Jarman is not to possess firearms, have contact with the alleged victim, and he must report to a bond supervisor within five hours of release.

A probable cause statement reveals that Jarman and Jesse Knowles engaged in a physical altercation over Jarman towing Knowles’s truck. The statement mentions that Knowles wanted to see paperwork justifying the towing, pushed Jarman, and snatched a clipboard with paperwork from Jarman’s grasp. Jarman allegedly drew a firearm and demanded Knowles return his property. The probable cause statement details that Knowles removed paperwork from the clipboard and tossed the clipboard aside.

Jarman is said to have pursued Knowles to Knowles’s side-by-side and fired a single shot at the driver’s side rear tire of the vehicle as Knowles began to drive off. The side-by-side subsequently departed.