Dewey Elementary students at Chillicothe enjoy hands-on experience with baby pig

Students from Dewey Elementary kindergarten and first-grade classes were having a hands-on learning experience on February 10, 2017.

The Litton Crusaders and the Livingston County Farm Bureau made this visit possible as part of the Thank A Farmer program. The students were learning about habitats and animals with assistance from the Litton Crusaders program.

The students got the opportunity to handle a baby pig and learn a little about them from the high school students. During the visit, students got to learn about their pig’s gender, name (ear notch), breed, what they eat, and whatever other questions they came up with.

Later on, in the school year, the students will take a field trip out to the Litton Agriculture Campus and get to revisit those baby pigs as market hogs.

Dewey Elementary Students