Details released regarding closure of Green Hill’s Women’s Shelter

Green Hills Women's Shelter Website 2022
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More information has been released about the Trenton Green Hills Women’s Shelter’s restructuring.

Executive Director Lisa Dicks reports one reason for restructuring is because when the shelter moved from the “typical-style residential home” into the new structure, the service delivery model stayed the same. She says that as time passed, needs have changed. Other things changed, too, including how funders paid for services provided and what data are required, or how the data are documented.

Dicks says COVID-19 changed how multiple providers in the state look at and address communal living situations. She notes COVID-19 also affected the Green Hills Women’s Shelter’s outreach and fundraising efforts. It also affected the shelter’s use of volunteers and limited interactions with the communities the shelter serves.

Dicks previously reported the Trenton shelter closed on February 18th and is expected to open in three to six months. She comments that the decision to temporarily close the shelter was not easy. The shelter met with members of the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence and sought legal counsel before the decision. She says the shelter desires to improve its service delivery to bring about better outcomes. It was previously reported the shelter is not looking at changing the location or building in Trenton.

Some employees were “let go,” and Dicks reports they will have a chance to reapply when the Trenton Green Hills Women’s Shelter reopens. For client safety purposes, the executive director says she cannot disclose details about clients’ locations or how or where they are being housed.

Dicks emphasizes that the shelter continues to provide the same services and covers the same service area as before the Trenton shelter closing. She explains the shelter is made up of more than one department and provides more than one service. Services are provided to clients in a 10-county area through non-residential services. There is another emergency shelter in Cameron, and there are also outreach engagements for community awareness and a volunteer department.

Dicks says the shelter’s focus remains on identifying and providing information, referrals, and/or resources clients need. The shelter is still accepting donations. She notes the number of those served has increased, even during the first week when the Trenton shelter was closed, and those clients have needs. The shelter is still providing direct-care services.

Dicks reports that if there is a need for emergency shelter services, a client would be served. She previously said calls for the Trenton Green Hills Women’s Shelter will be answered during the closure.

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