Designer: A single terminal could make KCI a terrorist target

KANSAS CITY, Missouri ( – Replacing the Kansas City International Airport’s current layout with a single terminal could pose a major safety risk, KSHB reports.

KSHB talked to Ron Hicks, who helped design the original KCI facility in the late 1960s. Hicks said the current configuration is “the ideal design for safety.” Constructing a single terminal, however, could make KCI a terrorist target and increase its odds of an attack similar to the one at a Brussels, Belgium airport earlier this week, he said. The new design would consolidate security checkpoints into one centralized area, creating larger crowds for terrorists to target.

“Security is currently divided amongst so many different places in the pods, you’re only going to be affecting one small area,” Hicks told KSHB. “The new designs improve efficiency, but they’re not going to beat what we have now with the pod design.”