Deputy Leadbetter and K-9 Zaki graduate extensive K-9 training course

Leadbetter and Zaki Training

Livingston County Sheriff Deputy Nicholas Leadbetter and K-9 Zaki recently graduated from a Dual Purpose K-9 course taught by representatives of Torchlight K-9 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sheriff Steve Cox reports Leadbetter learned fundamentals of everyday K-9 care and obedience for every day and tactical situations. Leadbetter and Zaki learned together and trained in different weather conditions, outcomes, and scenarios in which they located or apprehended an individual. They trained multiple times each day to detect or not detect the odor of different types of narcotics in vehicles, buildings, and items.

Leadbetter and Zaki also had the opportunity to learn and train in K-9 apprehension. They were taught the legal aspects of apprehension, advantages of it, and the benefits it can have on the safety of law enforcement and the community. Instructors emphasized knowing, understanding, and being current with case law in regards to K-9 functions at the state and federal level.

Leadbetter commented that he has “a better understanding and appreciation” of what Zaki can do in law enforcement and “the love he brings in being a new family member in the Leadbetter household.” He looks forward to working with Zaki as they grow and learn together while serving the community.

Cox adds that Leadbetter and Zaki made their first drug bust on a deputy car stop about 1 o’clock Thursday morning.