Department of Natural Resources reports reduction of lead levels in Trenton’s water supply

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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has notified the city of Trenton that the latest round of water testing shows a reduction in lead levels. Utility Director Ron Urton stated TMU is headed in the right direction with the use of a special chemical in the water treatment process.

According to a Trenton Municipal news release, the latest results show the water system meets the EPA’s 90th percentile action level of 15 parts per billion. The report stated three of the 40 test locations registered above the action level while the remaining 37 samples were below the level required for action.

The regularly scheduled tests are part of the city’s continuing effort to monitor lead levels in the Trenton drinking water. Urton said city officials are pleased to see improvements with more locations coming in before the action level compared to the last testing period. “Reduction of lead levels,” he said, “is the goal of the additional treatment process that was approved by the Department of Natural Resources and installed in November.” The process, which includes orthophosphate, will continue and officials hope to see further improvements during the next testing period.

The city of Trenton continues to offer a water quality phone number for customers to call if they have questions or concerns at 660-234-9172.