Defendants waive preliminary hearings in Tuesday session of Grundy County court

Court News

Several defendants waived preliminary hearings in the Associate Division of Grundy County Circuit Court on Tuesday with each being bound over to the August 9th docket in Division One.

Krensa Kay Williams of Trenton faces four felony counts of stealing including a controlled substance/meth manufacturing material, in two different cases. Bonds were reset at $10,000 cash only on each case meaning bonds totaled $20,000.

Michael Lee Puckett of Trenton has been charged with felony driving while intoxicated, persistent offender.  His bond was reset at $5,000 cash only.

Trenton resident Heather Gayle Michael faces a felony charge of second-degree domestic assault.  Bon was reset at $10,000 cash only.

Rural Trenton resident Gary Allen Colston has been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, fewer than 35 grams or less of marijuana or a synthetic cannabinoid.  Bond was reset to $15,000 cash only.

Tyler Edward Marshall of Spickard faces a felony charge of first degree tampering with a motor vehicle.  Bond was reset at $5,000 cash only.

Rodney Brantley of Trenton has been charged with felony unlawful possession of a firearm.  Brantley also faces a misdemeanor charge of operating a vehicle on a highway without a valid license which was certified to Division One.  Bond was reset at $10,000.

Waiving preliminary hearings was Trenton resident Isaac Wattenbarger who is now set to appear August 9th in Division One of the circuit court on second-degree sodomy, first-degree rape or rape attempt and felonious restraint.

On a plea agreement, Trenton resident Ayrik Armand Redden pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor counts in the Associate Division of Grundy County circuit court.  Redden was fined $500 on a charge of resisting or interfering with an arrest or detention. 

Fines on the other four counts totaled $120 and included charges of failure to register a motor vehicle, operating a motorcycle when his driver’s license was no validated for such operation, operating a vehicle without lighted lamps when wipers were in use and failure to display license plates.  The fines and court costs were deducted from a cash bond that had been posted earlier.