Daviess County reports COVID-related death; four area health departments report on new cases of COVID-19

COVID-19 or Coronavirus Update

A COVID-19-related death has been added for Daviess County since January 6th. The health department reports the total as 23.

COVID-19 cases increased by 110 from January 6th to 18th, raising that total to 1,411. Seventy-six of the cases were active and 22 active cases were fully vaccinated. One of the eight current COVID-19-related hospitalizations was vaccinated.  Daviess County’s vaccination rate was 36.8%. The health department notes more than 15 additional cases were reported on the morning of January 19th.

The Livingston County Health Center reports 48 COVID-19 cases have been added since January 18th, which brings the total to 2,921. There are 182 active cases.

The Putnam County Health Department reports 32 COVID-19 cases were added the morning of January 19th. There have been 134 cases in 2022 so far, which has surpassed the caseload from January, February, March, and April 2021.

The office advises residents to stay at home if they feel cold-like symptoms, have a pending test or have had a positive at-home test.

The Putnam County Health Department will call to gather information regarding symptom onset and symptoms. Individuals are asked to stay home for five days from symptom onset or positive test if they have no symptoms.

COVID-19 cases increased by 10 for Mercer County since January 14th. Four were confirmed, and six were probable. The health department reports 303 total confirmed cases and 348 probable cases. That brings the overall total to 651. The number of active cases dropped by four to 19 for Mercer County.

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