Daviess County Public Water Supply district makes progress in restoring water to customers

Water Outage

Progress is being reported this morning in getting water to customers of Daviess County Public Water Supply District One headquartered at Pattonsburg.

A precautionary boil advisory for drinking and cooking water goes until further notice.

The water district had reported an outage in the southern part of its district south of the Grand River. It’s been experiencing problems since around noon Friday. That included air in a line. An emergency connection was made this weekend with Daviess county public water supply number two.

While the water was flowing again as of last night, a clerk for the district reported water pressure is low and there will be some air in the line so patience is requested.

They will not try to flush the lines at this time. The water district spokesperson indicated it’ll take some time to get the water service back due to hundreds of miles of lines. The district, in addition to the rural areas, also serves customers at Altamont, Winston, and Weatherby.

The water district spokesperson said she understood FEMA was to provide bottled water at the gas station in Altamont and possibly Weatherby as of last night. Containers also could be filled for drinking water purposes at the Caldwell County Public Water Supply District Two office which is under the water tower at 415 Front Street in Kidder.

The spigot is on the east side of the building.