Daviess County Courthouse placed on lockdown; Man arrested for making terrorist threat

Terror Threat

A 34-year old Provo, Utah man has been charged in Daviess County with making a terrorist threat and was arrested in Colorado.

Daviess County Sheriff Ben Becerra reports the Daviess County Circuit Clerk’s Office received a phone call at approximately 3 o’clock Wednesday afternoon from an individual who was upset about a fine he was ordered to pay after being found guilty. The sheriff said, as the conversation continued, the individual threatened to shoot up the courthouse.

Sheriff Becerra said the court contacted a deputy sheriff, who then talked with the person on the phone. During the conversation, the individual Identified himself as Brinton Bingham and stated he was going to the courthouse to shoot deputy sheriffs.  Following the phone call, the Daviess County courthouse was placed on lockdown.

During the investigation, deputies obtained information about the suspect, which included his cellular telephone number and vehicle identification and after working with multiple law enforcement agencies, Brinton Bingham was apprehended in Colorado after leaving his home in Utah. Bingham informed the apprehending agency he was en route to Daviess County, Missouri to shoot deputies.

Bingham is charged with a felony of making a terrorist threat with bond set at $35,000 cash.