Cybersecurity breach at Grundy County Courthouse may have exposed personal information of county employees

Network cables (RJ45 ) connected to a switch

The Grundy County Commission has written a letter to be sent to county employees regarding a cybersecurity breach that occurred in January.

The letter says the breach compromised several computers, network hardware, and the primary server. Personnel file information may have been exposed, including names, addresses, dates of birth, and social security numbers. Affected items have been replaced, instead of cleaning the existing hardware.

The Grundy County Clerk’s Office reports the cybersecurity breach only affected county employee information and did not affect county residents.

The commission wrote that “Grundy County is and will continue subscriptions with various software companies to deter and hopefully prevent further cyber attacks and viruses.” It is and also will continue to work with law enforcement, a cyber insurance company, and information technology contractors to attempt to resolve the issue in an effective manner.

Grundy County Clerk Betty Spickard previously reported the breach affected computers used by the offices of the county clerk, collector-treasurer, and assessor.