Crash on Crowder Road in Trenton injures passenger in SUV

Accident-Crash graphic

A passenger of a sports utility vehicle sustained injuries when it ran off Crowder Road in Trenton and struck a utility pole on Wednesday evening, February 3rd.

The Trenton Police Department reports 28-year-old Kayla Grebner complained of pain in her head and right knee. She also advised she struck her head against the windshield, which was cracked. An ambulance transported her to Wright Memorial Hospital. No injuries were reported for driver 29-year-old Steven Curtis of Trenton, a five-year-old boy, a passenger, or a two-year-old girl passenger.

The SUV traveled south on Merrill Street, approaching Crowder Road before the driver stopped further away from the stop sign than usual. The driver turned left while looking right for traffic, allegedly unaware he was turning sharply. That is when the vehicle ran off the left side of Crowder Road.

The SUV had damage to its front left corner and was towed from the scene.