Crash on 9th Street in Trenton injures Galt teenager

Accident-Crash graphic

The Trenton Police Department reports a Galt resident sustained minor injuries in a two-car accident the afternoon of Monday, June 29th.

An ambulance transported 17-year old Brian White to Wright Memorial Hospital with injuries including a cut on his forehead. No injuries were reported for the other driver, 77-year-old Lowell Dean Anderson of Trenton.

The car White drove traveled east on Ninth Street before turning left at Oklahoma Avenue. White said a green arrow was present when he turned. The car driven by Anderson traveled west on Ninth Street. Anderson stated the light was green, and he did not see the other vehicle was turning until it was too late to avoid impact. The front passenger’s side of White’s car and front driver’s side of Anderson’s car made impact. Both vehicles were described to have significant damage to the front ends.

The Trenton Police Department notes neither driver received a citation as neither admitted fault, and there were no identified witnesses who could say what the traffic light indicated.