COVID-19 vaccination rates in north Missouri lag behind state and national average

Completion rates COVID-19 vaccinations, when including total populations, include the united states at 41.6 percent, Missouri is several points behind at 35.2 percent.

In this area, Carroll County at 31.3 percent of its residents fully vaccinated, then Livingston 29.9, Linn 29.6, Sullivan 26.8, Caldwell 24.2, Grundy County in sixth place among ten area counties. Grundy County’s vaccination completion rate is 23.9 percent, far behind the national state figures. Even further back is Putnam County at 23 percent, Daviess 20.2, Harrison 19.7, and Mercer County with 19.4 percent of its population fully vaccinated.

The lowest fully vaccinated rate in the state is in Pulaski County in south-central Missouri at 10.3 percent. McDonald County in far southwest Missouri is second lowest at 12.4 percent. The third lowest is Reynolds County in southeast Missouri, at 13.2 percent of its population fully vaccinated.

Completed rates of COVID-19 vaccinations, when including individuals 18 and older, show the national figure at 52.5 percent and Missouri at 44.7 percent.

Completion rates for COVID-19 vaccinations, when including those 65 and older, show nationally at 75.4 percent. Missouri has a different breakdown among the older ages. The completion rate highest among those ages 75 to 84 at 71.4 percent, followed by ages 65 to 74 at 69.8 percent, ages 85 and older at 63.7 percent.

The next highest percentage in Missouri was in those aged 55 to 64 group at 51.1 percent fully vaccinated.

The vaccination rates decline in each of the younger age categories.

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