COVID-19 Update: County health centers and Missouri Department of Corrections report on number of COVID cases

COVID-19 or Coronavirus Update

The Missouri Department of Corrections reports an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases at the Western Missouri Correctional Center of Cameron.

There are 21 cumulative offender cases, which is up five from Thursday, September 24th. Eighteen of the cases are active, and three have recovered. There are 29 cases among staff at the correctional center, which is an increase of one. Twenty-three of those cases are active, and six have recovered.

The Caldwell County Health Department reports 110 total cases of COVID-19, which is an increase of nine since Wednesday, September 23rd. Ninety-eight of the cases have been confirmed, and 12 are probable. Twenty-three cases are active, and 85 have recovered. Two COVID-19-related deaths have been reported for Caldwell County.

The Livingston County Health Center announces it received six positive cases of COVID-19, bringing the cumulative total to 191. Thirty-four of those cases have been in this week. Forty cases are active, and 151 have been removed from isolation.

The health center reports all Livingston County schools have at least one active case, except for Dewey Elementary of Chillicothe. There have been 25 cases at schools in the county, and 17 are active. Chillicothe Elementary School has had three cases, Dewey one, Chillicothe Middle School 14, Chillicothe High School three, Chillicothe Alternative School two, Chula Accelerated School one, and Meadville School one.

There has been one COVID-19-related death reported for Livingston County.