COVID-19 cases decline in Grundy County, increase in Livingston, Caldwell and Mercer counties

COVID-19 or Coronavirus Update

The Grundy County Health Department reports the active count of COVID-19 went down for the county Friday, September 18th, as more cases were released from isolation than were added as new. There are 52 active cases. The overall total is 181, which is an increase of four. One hundred fifty-two of the total cases have been confirmed, and 29 are probable. Two COVID-19-related deaths have been reported for Grundy County.

The Livingston County Health Center announces it received 11 notifications of positive COVID-19, bringing the cumulative total to 157. Twenty-eight of the cases are active, and 129 have been removed from isolation. There are 15 hospitalizations. One death related to COVID-19 has been reported for Livingston County.  The Turning Point Church outbreak has had 38 cases. There are eight positive cases at schools in Livingston County.

The Caldwell County Health Department reports 84 total cases of COVID-19, which is up three. Seventy-four of the cases have been confirmed, and 10 are probable. Fourteen are active, and 68 have recovered. There have been two COVID-19-related deaths reported for Caldwell County.

The Mercer County Health Department reports the county has had 30 confirmed cases of COVID-19 to date. One case is active.

Several residents are under quarantine because they have had close contact with someone who has COVID-19, excluding residents who have had the virus in the last three months. The Mercer County Health Department notes those who have tested positive for COVID-19 do not need to quarantine or get tested again for up to three months as long as they do not develop symptoms again.