Court of Appeals affirms ruling that denies permit for CAFO operation in Grundy County

CAFO Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation

Missouri’s Western District Court of Appeals has affirmed a Clean Water Commission ruling earlier this year that denied a permit sought by a company that plans to operate a concentrated animal feeding operation(CAFO) for a hog farm in southwest Grundy County.

Arguments both in support and against the appeal were heard November 1st when the appeals court held a session at the University of Missouri law school in Columbia.

The ruling was posted yesterday to the online court reporting system.

Back in February, the clean water commission voted four to two to deny the permit that initially had been issued last year by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

In March, Trenton Farms RE appealed the clean water commissions’ split decision in hopes the judges would reverse the ruling. But again, western district judges have now denied consideration of such an appeal.

While waiting on the outcome of the appeal, Trenton Farms RE applied for a state permit for the second time, addressing concerns raised in the first application for a permit. A public hearing was held last month in Trenton on water quality issues in connection with the second request.

No decision or announcement has been made by the DNR about that permit.