Court news in Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court for Thursday, November 9, 2023

Division One of Circuit Court News Graphic

A Trenton resident has been sentenced to prison following her court appearance on Thursday, Nov 9 in Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court. Josy Nicole Simmons pleaded guilty to a felony charge of second-degree domestic assault. Trenton Police reported that the incident involved the use of a dangerous instrument, causing multiple wounds to the victim’s arm and back on August 21. Circuit Court Presiding Judge Steve Hudson sentenced Simmons to nine years with the Department of Corrections and recommended that Simmons receive one year of long-term substance abuse treatment.

A jury trial is scheduled in Trenton for an Indianola, Iowa resident, who faces multiple felony and misdemeanor counts, moved on a change of venue from Harrison to Grundy County. Semaj Leonard Foster was arrested on June 3. The felonies include two counts of drug trafficking, unlawful possession of a firearm by a dangerous felon, possession of a controlled substance, and resisting or fleeing arrest, creating a substantial risk to others. The misdemeanor charges are failing to yield to an emergency vehicle and operating a vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner, resulting in an accident. The trial is set for April 4 and 5 of next year.

Two defendants admitted to probation violations. The court extended probation for one year for Heather Gayl Michael of Trenton and Tony Augustus Stanley of Kansas City. The court noted that probation could end early if Michael pays restitution of $3,683 and Stanley pays intervention fees of $704.