Coon Creek Baptist Church seeks volunteers for annual Thanksgiving Dinner

Coon Creek Baptist Church

The Union Coon Creek Baptist Church west of Trenton is seeking volunteers from the area for its 23rd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner November 22nd.

The pastor’s wife, Dianna Crawford, explains individuals can help in various capacities. She says there are generally 14 to 18 route drivers as well as five or six volunteers in the back during the dinner, three or four in front, and 15 to 20 serving. Dishwashers and individuals willing to collect and take out the trash are also needed.

Crawford says members of the church family start fixing turkeys for the meal the Sunday before Thanksgiving, then anyone can help pick off the turkeys that Monday morning at 6 o’clock. Volunteers can also help chop vegetables, cook food, and set tables on different days before the Thanksgiving Dinner.

Crawford notes volunteers usually cook about 50 to 55 turkeys. She adds that someone does not have to be a Baptist in order to help with delivery or serving of the meals.

Anyone wanting to help with the Union Coon Creek Baptist Church’s Thanksgiving Dinner should contact Dianna Crawford at 660-359-3094 or Pastor Doug Crawford at 660-635-1510.