Coon Creek Baptist Church now accepting orders for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Meal

The Union Coon Creek Baptist Church west of Trenton is accepting orders for its 23rd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner November 22nd.

Volunteers will deliver meals to anyone in the area who needs or wants a meal. That includes anyone who has to work Thanksgiving Day, shut-ins, or those in need of a meal.

Dianna Crawford is the pastor’s wife and says volunteers will gather at the church the morning of Thanksgiving at 9 o’clock to pray and receive route assignments. Most volunteers start delivering meals by 11 o’clock, but some recipients may not receive their meals until 11:30 or noon.

Food sent out includes turkey, homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans, hot rolls, slices of pumpkin pie, and homemade dressing. Meals will also be served at the Union Coon Creek Church after 11 o’clock which will include a few more salads, vegetable, and dessert choices.

The meals will be delivered and served for free, however, Crawford notes that those who want to donate to the cause can. The donations go to buy items the church needs to prepare the meal or to a charity. Most of the food served for the Thanksgiving Dinner is donated to the church.

Volunteers usually serve close to 1,000 meals which include 600 to 700 meals delivered in the community and 200 to 300 meals served at the church.

Meals can be ordered by contacting Dianna Crawford at 660-359-3094 or Pastor Doug Crawford at 660-635-1510.