Controversial Trenton Farms CAFO subject of public meeting Wednesday evening at THS

CAFO Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation

An effort by Trenton Farms RE, LLC to seek a permit for a concentrated animal feeding operation near Trenton involving pigs remains in the court system.

The Missouri Clean Water Commission, in February, voted 4 to 2 to overturn a CAFO permit approved by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The clean water commission’s decision is now in the court of appeals.

In the meantime, Trenton Farms RE, LLC has filed another CAFO permit application similar to the first one addressing concerns by the clean water commission.

The second application was the subject of a public hearing last night at Trenton High School.

The director of the water protection program for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, John Madras, opened last night’s hearing with a review.


Sean Simpson is a Vice President and general counsel for Pipestone Holdings, a management company for the proposed Trenton Farms CAFO. He explained the second application seeks to address issues that were the basis for the denial by the clean water commission of the previous permit.



Several persons spoke in opposition to the proposed operation, including neighbors and former property owners in that area. They said the proposed Trenton Farms location is in a flood plain, the land floods, they’re concerned about discharges and spills, and they believe Trenton Farms would reduce property values for neighboring land and the quality of life in that area because of odor. In addition, a few members of the public were involved in some verbal sparring with Sean Simpson of Pipestone Holdings.

Mark Rice said he’s worked over 26 years as a North Carolina state extension specialist in water quality and animal waste management. Rice said he’s done environmental assessment in 34 states and six countries and has family who’s farmed in the Hickory Creek and Thompson River bottoms over 150 years.


John Rice has farmland adjoining the proposed CAFO indicating he’s a retired professional engineer who’s worked on several engineering projects in 12 midwest states, California, and a few international projects and opposes the proposed project for several reasons:

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is taking public comments for another week. A decision regarding the permit is anticipated to be issued in three to four weeks.

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