Contract to pave 9th Street through Trenton to be awarded to Columbia company

9th Street Trenton

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission has accepted the low bid for roadwork this year on Highway 6 and 69 in Grundy and Daviess counties. The bid includes one point seven miles through the city of Trenton.

The general contractor will be Emery Sapp and Sons Inc of Columbia. Their bid of $4,322,000 was $66,000 less than the bid from Herzog Contracting Corporation of St. Joseph. The design department for the Department of Transportation had estimated up to $4,000,000 for the projects. Both bids fell within up to a ten percent over-run.

The highway and transportation commission will award the contract to Emery Sapp and Sons with the notice to proceed anticipated sometime this month.  Highway 6 between 4th Street and Highway 65 in Trenton, will receive a thin lift overlay along with sidewalks. A similar overlay is scheduled in Daviess County, for Highway 69 and Highway 6, from Interstate 35 to Route K east of Gallatin.

A third part of the project involves work on Highway 6 between Daviess County Route K and the west city limits of Trenton.