Updated 8:15 am: Continuing rain causing area rivers and creeks to flood

Flood alert

Continuing rain has caused creek and river levels to rise, also likely spilling over onto roads that are prone to flooding.

As of 8:15 am Monday morning, a Grundy County Emergency alert has been issued advising several roads are flooded with motorists advised to use caution when driving. In the Trenton area, a caller told KTTN this morning that the gravel road east of MFA Oil, Northeast 20th Street, has flooded and is not passable in a car. Muddy Creek has, or will, flood onto East 28th Street in Trenton.

Grundy County Emergency Manager Glen Briggs reports water from an overflowing Muddy Creek will impact the airport and the land there. He reported water over Northeast 20th Street, Route A north of Trenton, Southeast 20th Street, Northwest 15th Street, and water was starting to go over Route W at Wolf Creek southwest of Trenton at 8:15 am Monday morning.

A caller earlier reported Hickory Creek has overflowed, the Thompson river north side of Highway 6 is beginning to flood. An automated report on the Thompson River west of Trenton is at 25.9 with a predicted a crest of 26.3 feet. The flood stage is 27 feet.

Along the Grand River locations in the area, Pattonsburg was at 24-feet approaching the 25-foot flood stage. Gallatin indicated the Grand River at 24-feet on a flood stage of 26-feet with the Grand River predicted to reach 27.5-feet. Chillicothe was at 25.8-feet which is above the 24-foot flood stage with a prediction of the Grand reaching 31-feet. Sumner is reporting 29.4-feet which is considered to be in moderate flooding since the flood stage is 26-feet with a weather service prediction for a crest at 34.4-feet.