ConAgra notifies city of Trenton May 31st will be official closing date of plant

Union/ConAgra reach contract agreement at Trenton, Missouri plant

The city of Trenton and Missouri Department of Economic Development have been notified by ConAgra as to the anticipated date the company plans to cease production and close its facility at 1401 Harris Avenue in Trenton.

The letter that arrived today came from ConAgra Foods Director of Human Resources Teresa Morse as the company is required to make known its intentions under the WARN Act which stands for Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification.

Based on current projections, ConAgra anticipates the Trenton facility will close on May 31st or within 14 days of that date. Employee separations will occur in phases.

ConAgra reports it will begin the separation on March 9th, or within 14 days of that day.  According to the ConAgra letter, the separation affects 252 production and production support staff plus 30 management and administrative level employees.

Combined that’s a total of 282 persons impacted by ConAgra’s announcement.  The letter notes production and production support employees are represented by a union while the management and administrative personnel are not. Production and support employees are represented by Local Union number 194G Bakery, Confectionary Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers International. The letter listed Michael Voorhies as president of the local union.

It’s been reported by ConAgra that a detailed list of the job titles of positions and number affected with each job title – as well as the anticipated termination date for each –will be maintained on-site at the Trenton facility.

The letter states ConAgra is taking the action to quote improve efficiencies and effectiveness and to eliminate redundancies within its supply network chain.

ConAgra had made its initial announcement in 2016 regarding its intentions to close the plant sometime in 2018.

The North Central Missouri Development Alliance, among others from the area, have been involved with ongoing efforts to find another tenant for the food production plant in Trenton. While there are speculation and rumors, no announcements have been publicly made.

You may read the letter sent to the city of Trenton by clicking HERE.