Community Blood Center announces emergency as blood supplies fall too low

Give Blood

The Community Blood Center has announced a blood emergency, with only a three-day blood supply.

The center reports the long-term impact of the pandemic has resulted in a year of hardly any youth first-time donors, hundreds fewer blood drives, and 25,000 donors in the greater Kansas City area that have yet to return to donate since before the pandemic. There has also been a recent surge in blood usage, as hospitals perform surgeries, and patients seek medical care postponed during the pandemic.

Laboratory Manager at Wright Memorial Hospital of Trenton and Hedrick Medical Center of Chillicothe, Debbie Huddleston, asks that area residents support and sponsor the Community Blood Center’s blood drives. She reports the center is the only provider of blood and blood products to the hospitals and others in the area. The hospitals provide transfusion services to an area of about a 30-mile radius of Trenton and Chillicothe.

The Community Blood Center will hold a blood drive at the North 65 Center of Trenton on June 21st from noon to 6 o’clock. Schedule an appointment at this link, with the group code TN. Contact Edna Foster for more information at 660-359-3836. RSVP, the Lions Club, and the North 65 Center sponsor the blood drive on June 21st.

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